The cost of window cleaning in Dublin

What is the cost of window cleaning in Dublin? The cost of window cleaning in Dublin may vary from property to property. Windows in Dublin are particularly exposed to the elements of weather. You may not know this, but, glass is porous. Therefore, any matter left on the glass for a long period of time will penetrate the surface of the glass and become an integral part of the glass. If you get to it reasonably quickly, before it has a chance of bonding, then a good clean will normally shift it, however, if it is left to weather (like a lot of half built houses now) then removal is no longer an option and glass replacement is the only solution.

Window cleaning in Dublin must be an essential component of the maintenance of your house and, so, must be included in your house maintenance budget. How much does it cost to get your windows cleaned in Dublin? A large range of factors are considered in the overall pricing of window cleaning such as how many windows the property has, if you are looking for both exterior and interior window cleaning and if you are looking for a well-respected and trusted company or not. 

Here are some factors you should consider in Dublin

The quality of work you are looking for

Like all services, price and quality are correlated. If you’re looking for a high standard and professional window clean from a well trusted company, it is likely you will pay more than the local window cleaner with a squeegee and ladder. The variety of window cleaning prices in Dublin tend to reflect the products used, the equipment needed and the precision of their technicians. Up-to-date equipment and a skilled team ensures that the upmost professional window clean is provided while protecting your windows, frames and house. A rule of thumb when it comes to window cleans – the higher the quality, the longer you will get out of your service. So, in the long term, if you want to maintain your home and keep it looking as clean as you deserve, then paying for a higher quality service will save you time, money and stress. Another element that is incorporated into price is insurance. You should always ask if your window cleaning service is fully insured.

If you are not home during working hours

Let’s be honest, when booking a window cleaning service, it can be a hassle to arrange a time and date that suits both you and the service provider. If you are constantly in and out of the house, you should consider paying for a window cleaning service in Dublin that is trustworthy, reliable and respected. Window cleaning companies are constantly attending regular client houses when the house owner is not home but this is only possible when the client fully trusts the company. Don’t be afraid to ask the company any questions, search their online reviews and chat to their regular clients about their trustworthiness.

Do you want a once off or a regular clean?

The majority of professional window cleaning companies value their clients and reward their recurring regular clients by creating a ‘regular client price plan’.  So, when you are searching for the right window cleaner for you, ask them if they offer a price for regular clients. If the company does not value their clients, this is a red flag and not only costs you more money but this also raises concerns about their client values.

Why choose The Cleaning

Our team are highly trained and qualified employees that provide superb window cleaning services and are trustworthy, friendly guys. Our employees are the face of our company and are chosen very carefully. Each employee is vetted and assessed by our team and live locally!

Tested-and-tried equipment

We use the newest range of equipment that includes water fed poles which removes the need for ladders on the job. Water fed window cleaning poles are safer, more environmentally friendly and more effective. The water fed poles are used from the ground floor and reach up to 5 stories, which reduces the intrusiveness of window cleaners in terms of being eye level with rooms such as bedrooms and offices. The purified water used in the water fed poles make the windows cleaner for longer, therefore, more financially favourable for the client.

We value our clients

We are a fully insured and registered window cleaning company in Dublin and we truly value our clients and provide offers for regular window cleans. We offer other exterior cleaning services such as gutter cleaning in Dublin which can be included in the regular cleaning price package. Our company is constantly learning and adapting to our client’s needs – and we care about your feedback. Check out our feedback from our valued clients on google or give us a call on (01) 902 3436 to ask any questions. We are the most well reviewed cleaning company in Ireland!

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As mentioned, there are a lot of elements that go into pricing individual houses for window cleaning in Dublin. Use our free online quoting service or call (01) 902 3436 to get an exact price of window cleaning in Dublin. To find out more information about our pricing, visit our pricing page.

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