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Window Cleaning Blog
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Can you clean windows in the rain?

You have probably heard that there is no point in cleaning your windows when it’s raining or rain is forecast, that it’s a waste of time, will make no difference and a counterproductive effort right!? This claim is most likely ingrained into your head by now.

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Here at TheCleaningCompany.ie we are an experienced, family-owned and high-quality window cleaning and gutter cleaning company. We cater for both residential and commercial clients. We operate across Dublin and throughout Kildare, Wicklow and Meath which includes Window Cleaning South Dublin! Raised on a cattle farm in the Dublin mountains, our Managing Director understands the importance of trust, reliability and dedicated work. Our team is everything to us, all of our staff are fully trained and trustworthy employees.


As Dublin Window Cleaners, TheCleaningCompany.ie’s mission is to provide peace of mind and joy to our clients through window and gutter cleaning. TheCleaningCompany.ie aims to do this by transforming the historically un-attractive business of exterior cleaning into an attractive and premium brand. Our goal is to get as far away as possible from the stereotypical window cleaner who turns up late, in a tracksuit, and cleaning your windows with a bucket and newspapers! We are your trusted regular Window Cleaners & Gutter Cleaners!


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