What do professional window cleaners use to clean windows?

You may be wondering what do professional window cleaners use to clean windows? Window cleaning has come a long way over the past decade alone. With the advancements in cleaning technology and window manufacturing, window cleaners needed to change their approach and processes. 

Let’s begin looking at what makes a window cleaner “professional”. Gone are the days when your local window cleaner turned up late, with a bucket and squeegee and in a tracksuit. Nowadays, homeowners seek trustworthy and reliable service providers to ensure that their home is in good hands. Window cleaning businesses must provide their clients with an optimal service from the beginning. This includes having strong brands, fully uniformed technicians, continuously trained employees with top of the range equipment and materials. The equipment and materials used by professional window cleaners lay the foundations of great service. When booking your window cleaning service you should ask the business if they use any of the following.


A fundamental element of professional window cleaning is pure water. Purified water refers to water that is processed to remove all impurities. Micro-materials and minerals, such as sodium and calcium, are impurities that plague regular tap water. Although it is completely safe to drink Irish tap water, it is not sufficient to use for window cleaning. This is because of the residue and long-term damage that tap water can cause on windows. Professional window cleaners will either buy or make their own pure water, it will be transferred via a large water tank in the business vans and transported via telescopic poles. Here at TheCleaningCompany.ie, this is the basic outline of our ‘Reach and Wash system’.

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Telescopic poles and pump systems are used to power the pure water from the tank through to reach the windows. The poles have brush heads attached to the end that reaches the window and is connected to the water tank in the van through a pump. In the absence of water poles, window cleaners would need to place a ladder on window frames which can lead to damage and are an overall hazard. The window cleaning poles can reach high story buildings and allow window cleaners to penetrate the dirt from the ground floor. After agitating and cleaning the dirt, we leave the pure water to dry naturally which leaves no marks or streaks. The Reach and Wash system is a new and innovative approach to window cleaning, it provides minimal damage and optimal results. It removes the health risks associated with ladders.

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Another important, and sometimes overlooked, element of professional window cleaning is insurance. A professional window cleaning company should always have insurance to protect the client and its employees. Although the reach and wash systems remove the risks associated with ladders, professional window cleaners still require insurance. When you are booking your window cleaning service you should always question if the business is insured.

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Professional window cleaning has transformed from the traditional bucket, ladder and squeegee to modern equipment used from the ground floor. To summarise ‘What do professional window cleaners use to clean windows?’, as a homeowner you should be looking out for trustworthy, polite and professional, and insured window cleaning businesses. You should ask the company what equipment and materials they use and, if in doubt, you can always check out their Google reviews! Google reviews provide clients with first-hand feedback from preexisting clients. Here at TheCleaningCompany.ie with our strong brand, trustworthiness, modern equipment and materials, we hold a 5-star rating from over 300+ clients. Don’t believe us? Check it out for yourself!

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